28 days to make a difference...

March For Babies this year is at a very special time for my family. The walk is April 30th, which is the day 8 years ago that Eric, Levi and Vivian were concieved. Of course, following that was a very short 5 1/2 months of pregnancy and then we were thrust headlong into the world of Micro-Preemie care.
Let me tell you: This is a waaaaaaay different world than any other. A world of wires and tubes, good and bad news, joy and sorrow, miracles and let downs, the most "extreme" that I believe anything could be...
During our NICU stay with our Micropreemies we saw grea sadness and great joy. We were not the only family to lose a baby in that unit, and sadly, those losses are still happeneing today.
But - because of the research that the March of Dimes helps to fund, those losses can be stopped...

Please, CLICK HERE to donate in Eric Jr's name. Or CLICK HERE to join our team an walk with us this year!

This year we added our angel to our team - although not here on earth with us, he walks with us everyday, alwas in our hearts. what diference can WE make in 28 days? Because I'll tell you what - HE made a world of difference in his 28 days on this earth.

Join us, walk with us, donate to our team or an individual walker! Make a diffrence in the life of a Premature baby, please!

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