An Exciting week!!

I'm not really sure where to begin...First of all - sorry for the MIA status... When my world gets crazy, the first thing to slip is "mom" time, which is my computer time. But - to begin the events of last week (in pictures, no less!)

We have three new members to our house,

I got the Zigo, and I fell down the stairs to end it all!!! I'd post a picture of the huge bruise, but it's in an unpictorial area... :/

First: THE ZIGO!!!

The crew at Bike-n-Hike were GREAT to work with, they had it all put together for us, showed me a few tricks of using and uncoupling the ZIGO, and were so nice to Levi and Vivian as they perused the store in Downtown Portland looking at bikes they coveted! I had them pose for a couple pics:

We got the Zigo a day before the snow hit our area, but yes, we really did ride for a bit in the snow... We were able to go for a longer ride to do a little shopping, but generally to check out the new Zigo. I have to say I LOVE IT!! The kids, although at the top-end of size for usage, fit well. That's saying something, since this year Levi's heaight became a hinderance when in the traditional bike trailer, his head hit the top and he was uncomfortable. It is a little narrower (I was happily surprised to find that the Zigo fit width-wise through the front door of Bike-n-Hike which I a somewhat narrow door in an older building)but even being narrower than the other trailer, Levi and Vivian sat happily in it for about 10 miles.

Why do I like it??
I love the fact that it has a "moonroof" so I can see the kids from above as I ride.
We ride in mostly suburban areas, and that means smaller riding lanes with traffic close - the Zigo maneuvers well and I don't worry about getting a little off course and having the trailer swing into the roadway since I can see it all right in front of me.
I love the shifting mechanism, smooth as silk!
The ride is smooth and comfortable. I was a little worried with the small tires, but after getting on it and riding it, I'm hooked!

And... It's a real head turner. Not sure if it was the bike or the fact that we were out in 34degree weather, but I do think it was the bike!

I'll tell you about the kittens and the bruise later...

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