My beautiful baby girl Megan

She makes me proud. She frustrates me. She amazes me. She loves her brothers and sister, she adores her friends, and she is always willing to help if anyone needs it. She is about to start her senior year at Evergreen High School. At 9 years old, she learned all of Vivian's trach care, and became the only person besides myself and the nurses that could change Vivian's trach or care for it. Levi called her Megan-mommy because when I went back to work she helped him in those early morning times when he needed hugs, love and comfort. Now, she watches Levi and Vivian for the summer while I work weekdays. My Megan is such a blessing to me... and today she's 17!!!
17 years ago, I sat in a hospital room in Portland with David and Grandma Kathy and welcomed my Megan into this world... We scheduled an induction the day after she was due: July 21st was her due date, and I has gone so far past due with Matt three years before, we weren't letting that happen again. So, at 1:30 am, July 22nd, 1994, we welcomed all 7lbs 31/2 oz of Megan to this world. She was such a peanut, and I was amazed by how small she was...

So - My Megan, Happy Happy Happy 17th Birthday. I love you more than you'll ever realize, and I am so proud of all that you do!

Happy Birthday Megan!!!

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