Look, Ma! No training wheels!!

After work yesterday, as I was finishing the last of the detail on the van, Levi asked if we could go for a bike ride. Vivian was at gymnastics, and we had a little time, and after all, I'm always up for a bike ride... So heck yeah!

Levi and I rode to the corner store, he wanted a root beer. I rode the Zigo minus the child pod, and he rode his Glider, he's so fast on the glider, he keeps up with and outrides Vivian most of the time... We had a great, albeit short, ride, and even stopped by the local "haunted House". Hehe, this is a house just a street down from us that has been vacant for quite a while, and Levi is convinced that it is haunted! Then we rode home. The Glider has taught Levi to balance without him needing to learn how to pedal. Along with the glider, he has used a power pumper up until last summer when we passed it on to another kid that could use it, and also riden his "Green Machine" since getting it for Christmas, so he's been practicing the pedaling!

So, after our bike ride, we rode in front of the house. I talked to him about how well he was balancing, and asked if he was ready to try his Hot Wheels pedal bike. 'We'll just take one training wheel off, k Bud?'. He was a bit nervous. He didn;t want to try it because the neighbor kid was outside with his buddy. But he did it.

And, for the last time, with the youngest of my children, I got to run beside him until he was confident enough for me to let go of his bike. Looking back now, it's so bittersweet. Ahhh. the last time, really?? Is this happening? They're all growing up! Brings tears to my eyes as I write it...

But, thanks to all his hard work on the glider, in Occupational and Physical therapy, thanks to all his determination, my youngest boy, my little Levi, in all of less than five minutes, had his training wheels both off, and now
Is riding a two-wheeler all by himself!!!

OK, OK, I keep holding the camera at the wrong orientation when I tape videos - just hold your head sideways for a couple seconds, and I promise to do better next time, LOL!

He says it's a Birthday present for me! (Aww, Bud, that's the BEST present in the world! ) And the last thing I heard as he drifted off to sleep... "Momma, I'm so glad I can ride a pedal bike!"
© erikalandon 2011

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Auntie Trina said...

Good job buddy!