I forgot how "easy" it was with just one...

Every other Saturday Eric picks up Levi and Vivian for his weekend with them. This week, they had both been talking about wanting to stay home, since ever since I went back to work when they were 4 the weekends were what they looked forward to, weekends have always been my time off, and they got to have me all day. Even if we just ha=ung around the house, they felt comforted that I was home. Since I have been working longer hours the last few weeks, they've really looked forward to my days off. So, as Saturday approached, both of them were telling me they wanted to stay home. This isn't all that unusual, and normally, as Saturday morning rolls around, they change their minds and are excited to go with Daddy.

This weekend was different, Levi was adamant that he wanted to stay home. Vivian did decide she wanted to go with Daddy as usual, although she wished her brother was going too. So, as I kissed Vivi goodbye, Levi sat in the swing on the porch. The silver lining in this cloud is that Eric and I each got a day with just one, although I still had Megan... But it's highly unsual to get one-on-one time with our multiples. I know that Vivian is enjoying having Daddy all to herself as much as Levi enjoyed being momma's only little one for a day.

And I got a reminder of the days before multiples: not only the one-on-one time, but the ease of caring for just one. Bath time was so simple. Dinner was a breeze.

So this morning, I'm heading to Eric's to drop Levi off for the rest of the weekend. Eric usually brings them home Monday.

But today - If you're local, go to the Wendy's on 192nd Ave. and get your car washed by Vivian's gymnastics team!! They're doing a carwash to help cover the cost of competitions for the upcoming season. Suggested donation is $5.00, but donate whatever you can, please! The gymnasts will be there from 1-4pm washing cars. More information here !

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