Mothers Day

I have mixed feelings about this day. I love my kids. I hate that I can't hold Eric like I can the others. I miss him, and think about him a thousand times a day. Mothers Day just doesn't seem right without one of my kids. This year I am so happy that Matt is home, but i always know there should be 5 kids, not 4...

Megan made breakfast...first time one of my kids has ever done this! Shoulda seen her trying to make pancakes! The babies are so much older, they get excited about holidays now, that's awesome! It was a great day with my kids, i was so happy to just be with them!

Eric got a gift cert for me to get the kids' pictures done, which is awesome, especially since Matt is 18 and i'm sure this will be the last time i will get him in a photo studio.

And my mothers day gift to myself, which I did a few months ago... my tribute to Little Eric. The exact picture that was on his stickers in the NICU. (For those of you that don't know, each baby had a sticker on all breastmilk, medicines and belongings in the NICU so as not to confuse what was whose.) Vivi had a basketball, Levi a race car, and Eric a rocking horse. The stickers were picked by NICU staff before they knew genders, so they got non-gender-specific ones.

So Eric's sticker is permanently part of my body...

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