Happy Fathers Day!!

Fathers day this year was "kids choice".

Levi shopped early and chose things he wanted Daddy to have; an NRA hat, and a Trailblazers flag for his truck.

Megan and Matt got Eric a copy of Gran Torino ((good movie!))

Vivian wanted Daddy to have a picture of her, Levi and Fred. Bonus: as we were leaving to have the pictures taken, she said "i need baby Eric's bear!" This is a bear given to me at his funeral, one that we try to have in our family pictures. I wasn't going to mention it this time, but was pleasantly surprised when she did!

We took Eric to On The Border, a local Mexican food place, for dinner...MMMM yummy!! An dthen raced him home to get some sleep for his weekend run.

Levi and Vivian picked their own clothing for the pictures, this was, after all, their present. Levi in his 'signature' business suit, and vivian in a fancy dress that she likes so much to wear. A great memory for me, and I think a great gift for Daddy!!

Happy Fathers day, Eric. I can never thank you enough for the gift of my 3 youngest children...

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