Easter pics and a video... finally!! (sorry)

Easter was fun this year, albeit a bit different. Daddy's out of town on weekends, so it was just the little one's and me. (Megan was released from restriction in time to go with little Megan to vacation, and Matt spends his time on his stuff...)

We started Friday by coloring eggs...

And my favorite:

This year was much different in that the kids were so much more able to help with the eggs.  We covered the table with an outdoors-type table cloth and had a lot of fun coloring eggs.

Saturday it was off to the egg hunts, NW style; dressed for rain and cold weather...

They only got two eggs each, but we had fun being there, and going back to the van to get warm, LOL!

The next Day it was off to church, and the kids sooo love getting dressed up:

before we hid eggs at home we took little Eric his Easter basket. It occurred to me on the way to the cemetary that it is a bit unusal for a family to visit a cemetery every holiday and even every week, but that for Levi, Vivian and myself it is such a reality that it just doesn't seem odd. They notice new graves. They enjoy reading them and looking for names like their own. It's just not a bad spot for them. Nor is it for me... So we took Eric his flowers and told him Happy Easter:

Then we went home and hid eggs, ate lots of goodies and food, blew bubbles, and enjoyed a nice Sunday together. One of the best I've had in a long time... I'll post the video later on tonight...(the egg hunt video..)

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Notice on the video: when Vivian finds the egg suspended in air!!... I used glue dots to stick them to objects, and that on eI stuck to the zip line. I fully enjoyed this years' Easter Egg hunt!!

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