you said atleast one page of homework a day, and I did ONE!

Imagine this:

You spend a day in a loud classroom. Every loud breather, every sniffle, every rustle of a coat in earshot, every voice, everything assaults your senses. You're not like most others. Your brain lacks the ability to compartmentalize each sound. You're unable to 'block out' the sounds that you don't need.

He handles it. He does well, but it is tiring. He is alerted, or excited by each noise. But he is a seeker, so looks for things that alert his senses at times. Not that that is best for him. He also craves things that calm him; swinging, rocking, scratching and chewing. These activities help him calm and able to concentrate.

Imagine your shirts are your chewing companion. You have tools, these things called "chewys" that you can take with you wherever you go. But a well-meaning teacher tells you one day to take that thing out of your mouth.

He wants to please people. He wants to do right. He cries to me; asks me why he is always in trouble. My heart breaks. He wants to be good. But it's so hard. So hard to stop touching things, stop chewing things, stop letting things distract him... To fight against these urges.

His fight with Sensory Processing Disorder is ongoing. So our story continues. His story continues.

He is a good kid, even if sometimes he feels like he is always in trouble. He is the light of my life.

To be continued...

© erikalandon 2010

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